Cookies Policy of Docall Boosters

What Are Cookies And How Are They Used? 

Cookies are files on your device – Laptop, desktop, Mac, phone or tablet. If a website uses cookies, what it basically does is stores the information of the website on your device, with the website’s name, but also a unique ID number that will later be your representation as a user. 

So if you back to the website again, they know you are a repeating visitor. 

At Docall Boosters, we use cookies to make your experience with us better and smoother. We use cookies to keep your items in the basket, as well as better your experience by showing you relevant products in search and so on. 

Does Docall Boosters Use Cookies? 

Yes, we do use them in order to identify our clients and improve their experience with our website by showing highly personalized content. 

Can I Disable Cookies?  

Yes, you can. You can disable cookies from your browser. Please refer to the instruction of your browser on how to disable cookies.  

Will Disabling Cookies Affect My Experience? 

Yes, it absolutely will, as we use them to make sure you get a personalised experience with us – to show you content interesting for you, to keep your items in the cart, to remember your search history on our website and so on. 

Types Of Cookies And 3rd Party Banner Ads

We do use 3rd party banner ads, which are designed for you to see our ads on other websites as well. We do that specifically to make sure that you are up to date with all of our latest news, sales and promotions and don’t miss out on an opportunity to purchase a product with the best price. 

Here are the main types of cookies that we use, so you can understand what kind of information is being tracked. 

Performance Cookies 


It provides valuable information on your interaction with our websites and visits to Docall Boosters.

Google Analytics –


Advertising/Targeting Cookies 

Cross-site tracking 

This feature allows us to collect more insightful information on our clients, completely anonymously, which includes such information as previously visited websites and so on. 

Google Analytics ads feature –

In case you want to Opt-out of Google Analytics and make sure that you don’t see our ads and your activities are not tracked by Google, please follow the link above. 

Other Cookies 

We use this website to ensure continuous communication and live conversation with everyone who visits DoCall Boosters through a live chat. 

Freshdesk –

Hopefully, now you have all the information needed to make sure you can effectively manage your cookies. We would like to point out that we provide this information in order to educate you on how we use the collected data, and how it may help us improve your experience with DoCall Boosters

We are always truthful with our clients and want to make sure that we build a trustworthy relationship with them.