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The mobile network is the most widely used means of communication in this world. One of the biggest and most frequent complaints made by mobile users is having ‘ poor signal ’. That is where the Mobile Phone Signal Booster industry comes in. It has been around for decades.We have been in this industry for more than 10 years and understand how important it is to find a solution to this problem. We provide innovative signal solutions after much research and we developed a line of highly efficient mobile phone reception boosters. The signal boosters are specifically created for use around the UK. We provide coverage to all signal bands, and some of our signal boosters can cover multiple signal bands. So, whichever signal you are using, consider yourself covered with us. We understand your communication needs and do not want you to be disconnected from the world, even for a second. Our products are 100% authentic and are certified by the regulatory authorities. We also include a generous warranty period and 24/7 customer help and support services.

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We have an appropriate Docall Boosters for home and the entire office.  One of our various products will surely give you the coverage you need. We want you to be worry-free when it comes to your communication system. Just follow the link to find the type of booster you are seeking.

We have signal boosters that are able to cover all frequency bands. Regardless of your network carrier or whatever technology you use, we have a product for you. Our products will help boost all mobile signal frequencies being used by leading carriers in the United Kingdom and keep you connected all the time. Mobile SIgnal Boosters are required in many places, whether it is your home, office or other. You can browse our high-quality products according to your usage requirements to determine the correct booster for your needs.

If you need to cover your home, office or any other property, we offer many options for you to choose from. Simply match the area size to coincide with one of our boosters. Our large variety of mobile phone signal boosters can cover the most commonly used range of preferences.

What is a mobile phone signal booster?

Most people are curious as to what a mobile phone booster actually is. The answer is simple, but less us give you some background first. In this era of globalization, wireless technology has been growing by leaps and bounds for several decades now. Cell phones, or mobile phones as they are also known, are the most widely used medium of communication. These phones work off of wireless networks. The UK has several network carriers, one of the biggest is Vodafone. Over the years, the network carrier industry has increased its scope to cover most of the country but there is still a large part that has signal issues. Parts of the country are still left out of full, reliable coverage. Signal boosters for mobile phones come can fix those problems. The Mobile signal repeater is a device that attracts signals from the air through an outdoor unit (usually outdoor antenna) and transmits it to an indoor unit boosts the signal. The transmission is conducted through a wired connection between the outdoor antenna and the indoor booster unit. The indoor signal booster has complex circuitry, and in turn, amplifies the signal with the help from a source of power. The gsm

then sends the amplified signal to the indoor antenna connected to the unit and the antenna transforms the received electrical signal into waves of the same frequency as received by the outdoor antenna. The received frequency range is non-varying in nature, so mobile phones do not notice any change in the frequency except for amplified signal strength. So basically, a mobile phone booster is a device that effectively boosts the mobile signals you receive. The complex circuitry incorporates external power and boosts the signal strength to the required threshold. How Mobile SIgnal Boosters work? It is crucial to understand the functionality of the GSM booster. This is a step-by-step analysis of how the different levels work involving signal boosters for mobile phones.

  1. The cell phone signal booster comprises an outdoor unit (a directional antenna) that detects and receives the signal from the air. These signals have very low strength and are very difficult for a mobile phone to detect them. The reason is that a very small antenna is embedded inside the cellular device. The outdoor antenna is much larger and is able to collect the signal easily, which goes untraced by the mobile phone.
  2. The collected “poor” signal is then moved through the wired medium and bypasses the local obstruction and is finally fed to the booster or amplifier. This is usually performed to make sure that the signal is not weakened further while reaching the indoor unit through the conduction medium.
  3. In the indoor unit, the booster performs the amplification process by superimposing the frequency of the carrier waves to the actual faint signal that in turn strengthens the signal overall. The booster is reinforced with power provided by the power outlet to perform the amplification
  4. The amplified signal is then transferred to the indoor antenna that broadcasts the signal throughout the coverage range. In this range, the mobile devices receive the stronger signal, different than their original signal from their carrier. The GSM signal booster makes all this possible.


Money back guarantee:

We are not perfect but we tend to achieve perfections in our products. Still there can be a number of reasons that our signal booster doesn’t fit your purpose or might not be working for you. Problems can arise due to improper connections or the amplification or the setup. Whatever the case maybe, feel free to contact us, as our 24×7 dedicated help and support facility is willing to serve you with the best that we have got. Our helpline will make sure that you are satisfied with the product and rejuvenate it in working state again. Unfortunately, in case, if the help and support service doesn’t work out for you, we offer a money back guarantee to you. We are assured of the quality of our signal booster as they are developed, manufactured and tested in the simulation according to the standard guidelines and boundary conditions. We give you 30-days money back guarantee so that you are sure of the product that it fits perfectly for your purpose and you can judge and notice if all the functioning is as per you expectations. But for any reason if you are not satisfied with your signal booster and want to return the product we are happy to provide you and exchange or a full refund. We don’t believe in making a hassle about returning the money or giving an exchange to the customers and you can count on us to help you out until you have your full money or exchange in your hand.

Are Mobile Signal Boosters safe?

Today we are surrounded by a huge number of various devices and gadgets and whether we believe it or not every device emits a certain amount of radiation in the atmosphere whether it is your TV, your Radio or personal computers and devices of such like. These radiations influence us in one way or another. People are seen often arguing upon whether Mobile Signal Boosters are safe to be around us or not. Debates are still going on about the safety of the mobile boosters in UK and the views are conflicting. We are surrounded by electromagnetic radiations emitted by various devices all the time and adding a mobile network booster with a low powered signal won’t increase the electromagnetic radiation limits dramatically. Studies and researches have shown that a Mobile Phone Signal Booster hardly possesses any risk towards human health. The impact of mobile network booster is very cursory. It is because of the reason that the power emitted by the amplifier is very low and even multiple mobile network boosters are added into the system, there will hardly be any variation in the emitted power. Interestingly mobile phone, on the other hand, is considered more harmful according to various conducted researches and studies. This is prominent by the fact the mobile phone stays with a person all the time and remains in the nearest proximity, thus affecting the individual to a greater extent. What we should consider here is a fact, that in low network coverages, mobile phones tend to increase its input power to the inbuilt wireless receiver in order to catch the weak signal and thus emits increased radiations, whereas installing a Mobile repeaters will decrease the potential threat as due to increased signal strength, mobile phone receiver will exhibit less power. So ironically, you can save yourself from harmful radiations of the mobile phones in the weak signal zone by having a mobile phone signal booster and numerous speculations about mobile phone reception boosters being harmful to have no ground at all.

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How It Works

Installing a phone signal booster is not difficult at all. Follow our 15-minute easy set-up procedure precisely. It’s simple enough for your pre-teen to do!

2 step set up

  1. You just have to place the outdoor antenna in a place where you expect to get good signal reception and connect the outdoor antenna to the booster with the long cable that we provide.
  2. Then connect the small antenna with the repeater (booster) and plug in the power cord to the power outlet.
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We are here to help

Docall Boosters is a differentiated technology which is easy to install and operate, but we understand that no technology is hundred percent immune to minor errors or glitches with the setup or the working. There could be issues sometimes even if we have provided everything that you would need to setup the device. So, whatever the case or problem maybe, you can get in touch with us without hesitation. We will be more than happy to assist you and make sure that your problem has been resolved. We promise you to deliver help with any of the problems that you might face with the mobile booster.
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Most people just grumble about their poor reception on their cellphones.  Then there are some that get quite upset and vocalize their unhappiness.  The smartest ones are the consumers who purchase a mobile signal booster to get rid of their frustration! 

Did you know that you can get a mobile phone booster for a wide variety of carriers and some of them will cover more than one carrier at a time? Suppose you and a friend are out in your car and the two of you need to make phone calls.  Both of you can benefit from your mobile phone signal booster at the same time, though you might have different providers.  When you acquire a mobile signal booster that is a dual or tri-band, the problem is settled without any further work on your part.

Cell phone boosters are available for carriers such as O2, EE, Three Mobile, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, GiffGaff, Tesco Mobile, T-Mobile, Orange, and BT Mobile.  All these cell providers cover the United Kingdom and we have a perfect signal booster for each one.  Never be without great coverage wherever you travel.  Be it urban or rural, you can have solid coverage throughout the U.K.  We know your calls are important to you, so you are important to us.  We offer the confidence to be anywhere and still make complete phone calls for business or pleasure.

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